Quality Policy of ViaFerrata LLC

ViaFerrata Limited Liability Company (henceforth referred to as The Society) regards the Quality Policy as the only efficient instrument to make a positive impact on the consumer’s quality of life and as the one of the major ways to advance our partners, both customers and suppliers.

Targets of The Society:

  • to meet requirements of furniture factories and end users;
  • to maintain and advance the presence of The Society at the market;
  • to increase production volumes, to advance technological benefits, to minimize cost of design in order to aid profits of furniture enterprises;
  • to maintain the innovative leadership in the field of transformation mechanisms;
  • to maintain the art of flexible planning coupled with the high performance of the production facility.

Instrumental principles to aid achievements of The Society:

  • get to know the needs and aspirations of the end user;
  • continuously extend model arrays and introduce custom modifications;
  • study worldwide experience and innovation in the field of furniture and adjacent technologies;
  • pick the practices and technologies that can provide inspiration for the designer and joy for the end user;
  • support customers and suppliers, exchange crucial information and knowledge, commit resources for joint projects;
  • blend the design of a mechanism and the design of the intended furniture array;
  • analyze and improve business processes of The Society in order to provide a product in a greater sense than a mere mechanism;
  • liberate creative processes within The Society;
  • introduce automation of production;
  • practice individual friendly approach to every member of The Society and every representative of partners.

Responsibility of executive management:

Chief Executive Officer of ViaFerrata is determined to follow the lines of the abouve Quality Policy and is encouraging all employees with ViaFerrata to actively support the Policy.

Chief Executive Officer of ViaFerrata is taking responsibility to implement Quality Policy by doing the following:

  • create a corporative environment where employees of the Society would be knowingly involved in quality management;
  • provide all the resources needed to develop Quality Management System;
  • maintain the comformity of Quality Management System to the established requirements and to advance the performance of the System.

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