The mechanism of transformation of the Chaise Longue type.

The seat cushions have an ability to slide along the ottoman, while the backrest cushion takes a horizontal position, creating a place for the most comfortable rest.

Furniture designers will almost have unlimited possibilities for their work. Features and Benefits:

  • Withstands weight up to 160 kg;
  • "Zero" wall";
  • Changing seat width;
  • Possibility of use in an ottoman with a high (up to 150 mm), medium (up to 80 mm) and low leg;
  • The electric drive version is only available;
  • Perfectly compatible with Suprema Retro и EasyCliner Motorized mechanisms;
  • Additionally, it can be equipped with an unique ottoman lifting mechanism, developed by the designers of Via Ferrata;
  • It is possible to complete with more than 10 types of control panels: wired, plug-in, radio, chair control using a smartphone with a position memory function, plastic or metal, with USB cable connectors.