Semlax 751, 751 motorized

Produced by Sedac Meral Belgium. Recliner with gliding function, has its own support base and is designed to serve as the basis for high-comfort seats.

There is a stationary version and a panoramic one - 360-degree rotation around its axis. Transformation by means of springs (751) or an electric motor with a battery (751 electro).

Charging the battery is enough on average for 60-70 addition-decomposition cycles, which corresponds to 2 weeks of operation of the chair.
The position of the armrest also changes during the transformation process.

  • Semlax 751: two positions - a chair and a relax.
  • Semlax 812: smooth adjustment of the backrest position with simultaneous adjustment of the height of the footrest and armrest.
  • Standard sizes: 500 and 525 mm.
  • Weight: 751 - 17 kg, 751 motorized - 22 kg.