An ottoman is an integral part of the corner sofa. Allows you to make a voluminous box for linen. The use of a ready-made metal frame for an ottoman with birch slats or furniture mesh allows you to create a comfortable, light and comfortable corner sofa.
The technology of production of ottoman frames allows to accept individual orders if the number of frames of the same standard size exceeds 100 pieces. The following variants of the ottoman frames are already included in the factory's production program and are available for order.

Ottoman 800х1440 VF (800х2000 VF) Ottoman 800х1440 Boston Clip VG
Ottoman 692х1488 Grid Ottoman 800х2000 Grid Boston Clip VG
Ottoman 800х1440VF* 800х2000VF* 692х1488
Grid Boston Clip VG
Grid Boston Clip VG
A, the length of the ottoman, mm 1440 2000 1488 1440 2000
N, number of slats, pcs 9 13 metal mesh metal mesh metal mesh
Pipe type, mm 20х30 20х30 20х30 20х30 20х30
Weight, kg 6 8,3 7,5 7,8 10
* There is a version with Boston Clip — removable cover