Accanto is a premium version of the Banquette mechanism, which allows you to model a corner sofa with an ottoman and an NSM lock. The simplicity and lightness of the construction combined with modular versatility allows you to create truly unique sofas, practically without limiting the designer's imagination. The back of the mechanism is fixed in three positions: "sofa", "bed", "relax" using the patented NSM lock.

Additionally, it can be equipped with Accanto brackets, for fixing the boxes of the sofa and ottoman relative to each other.

  • The size of the sleeping place is 2900x1400 mm, the maximum thickness of the mattress is 160 mm.
  • The size of the sofa frames is 620x1860 and the size of the ottoman in the unfolded state is 880x1990 mm.
  • The mechanism is made of 30x30x1.2 mm pipe and is equipped with birch slats in thrust slat holders.
  • The mechanism allows you to place two boxes for linen in the sofa.
  • Two special brackets included in the mechanism allow you to place the ottoman both to the left and to the right of the sofa.
  • It is delivered in a total package of 38 sets.