Lusso Maxi

A new series of high roll-out mechanisms based on the NEXT platform. The LUSSO mechanism allows you to create a corner sofa based on a high roll-out mechanism.

  • The size of the sleeping place is 1950×1660 mm.
  • The base of the sleeping place is a furniture welded metal mesh, which provides sufficient comfort and extraordinary reliability of the mechanism.
  • The metal frame of the sofa, made of high-strength steel pipes, guarantees the immutability of the geometry of the sofa for its entire service life and, therefore, the correct and soft functioning of the rolling mechanism.
  • The thickness of the mattress 120 mm allows you to sit and sleep on the sofa comfortably.
  • Optionally, the Lusso Maxi mechanism can be equipped with a mechanism for removing back pillows, which allows you to lift pillows on the back when transforming the sofa into the bed position easily and conveniently. In sofa position, it allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of the pillows to achieve the most comfortable position.