The year of foundation of the factory.


Launch of the second stage of production. About 20 models of various sizes are produced already on 12.5 thousand square meters.


The factory already has the status of the largest manufacturer of transformation mechanisms of medium and medium-high price level. It was decided to take up the production of the simplest products: bed frames and pantographs, popularly called "tick-tock".


The grand opening of the pipe rolling plant "Amethyst Metal Group" (AMG) took place in Brest, Belarus. The first 1000 tons of precision pipe suitable for processing in the automatic lines of the Via Ferrata factory has been produced.


Completion of mounting and launch of two fully automated lines for the production of parts of ATC and Sedaflex mechanisms in Nikiforovo at the Via Ferrata Factory.


The second automatic pressing line with a press force of 400 tons of the Italian company "Sangiacomo" has been mounted and launched at the Via Ferrata Factory. This line allows to make parts of steel tape up to 7 mm thick and up to 800 mm wide.


Opening of the second production site in Spassk-Ryazansky.


Creation of company group, which included RIVALLI, Ametist and the Tsvet Divanov, development of the Eurobook mechanism.


Active growth of export of transformation mechanisms to Europe. Introduction of new products and technologies — development of the NEXT platform (a series of new products) and development of a mechanism based on the bent VG profile.


Participation in the INTERZUM international exhibition in Cologne, expansion of production areas by 1000 sq.m.


We do not stop there — the development of Scandinavian-style mechanisms, the development of Grid series mechanisms, the upgrade of the NEXT collection, the development of Lucas modular shelving systems (in the loft style).


Automation of production of the NEXT line: installation of three profiling lines, development and launch of automatic contact welding lines, launch of a volumetric multipoint contact welding machine, purchase of special bending machines. A separate site has been created for the production of mechanisms of the NEXT series.