Semlax 802, 812

Produced by Sedac Meral Belgium. The recliner has its own support base and is designed to serve as the basis for high-comfort armchairs and sofas.

It is possible to make sofas of two or three independently controlled chairs. It functions without interference when installed close to the wall (zero wall).

It is transformed by means of springs (802) or an electric motor (812).

Mechanisms 812 and 802 are reinforced and can withstand a load of 160 kg. In the process of transformation, the position of the armrest also changes.

  • Semlax 802: two positions - a chair and a relax.
  • Semlax 812: smooth adjustment of the backrest position with simultaneous adjustment of the height of the footrest and armrest.
  • Standard sizes: 500 and 525 mm.
  • Weight: 802 - 13 kg, 812 - 21 kg.