Luca D30

Luca D30 Luca D30 Luca D30
Luca D30 92 102 112 122 132 142 152 162 172
А, Installation Width, mm 920 1020 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620 1720
В, Sleeping Place Width, mm 770 870 970 1070 1170 1270 1370 1470 1570
  • The sleeping surface is made of welded mesh in the places of the greatest load, the diameter of the mesh's rods is 4 mm. Traction mechanism is made of 5 mm steel strip. This solution allows you to achieve the greatest reliability and durability of this connection.
  • The head part is made as a single power element consisting of a U-shaped arc and a transverse pipe with a diameter of 30 mm and thickness of 1.5mm, connected by a welded mesh.
  • In the foot part a welded mesh can be installed instead of straps. The straps also allow you to get a more comfortable sitting place in the sofa position. The load is held not only by the sofa cushion, but also by the mattress of the mechanism.
  • The mechanism can be equipped with a spring mattress with a height of 120 mm and a length of 1880 mm or a foam mattress with a height of 100 mm and a length of 1880 mm. In the case of using a foam mattress, it is necessary to install an additional option — the mattress stop.