EasyCliner Motorized
(L&P 3380 Power)
EasyCliner Manual
(L&P 3380 Manual)
  • Mechanism built into the frame of the chair;
  • Electric (with the help of an electric motor) or mechanical (manual) drive for unfolding the mechanism;
  • It can be used in chairs with legs not exceeding 9 cm in height;
  • Withstands weight up to 136 kg;
  • Can be used as a sofa section;
  • Mechanical recliner as standard, has a mortise metal oval drive handle. It is possible to place the handle both on the right and on the left;
  • Electric recliner as standard, has a wired control panel with two buttons;
  • It is possible to complete more than 10 types of control panels: wired, plug-in, radio, chair control using a smartphone with a position memory function, plastic or metal, with USB connectors.
  • It has a "flipper" system at the foot of the mechanism, which allows the leg section to be folded under the chair and rest as comfortably as possible in the unfolded position.