A unique development of the design department of Via Ferrata. The roll-out three-section Fernando mechanism takes into account the wishes of manufacturers and furniture designers in the field of creating an ergonomic, technological, compact for transportation and convenient for assembling sofa.

  • The head part of the sleeping place is removing down when folding the sofa, thereby does not limit designers in choosing the appearance of the backrest.
  • The frame of the seat section is equipped with double laths made of unidirectional birch plywood, which allows you to sit on the sofa comfortably. The rest frames are made with the use of electric-welded metal furniture mesh, which provides sufficient comfort and reliability of the mechanism.
  • The armrests of the sofa are installed on the base of the mechanism using a quick-release connection of the "Bayonet" type.
  • The metal frame of the sofa, made of high-strength steel pipes, guarantees the immutability of the geometry of the sofa for its entire service life.
  • Optionally, a metal frame of the backrest with elastic straps is supplied. This design simplifies its manufacture.
  • The unique simplicity and ease of transformation is achieved due to the optimal balance of the kinematics of the mechanism.
  • The maximum thickness of the matress of the seat section is 130 mm.
  • The design of the head part ensures the absence of different thickness of the sleeping place in the shoulder area in the "bed" position, which has a positive effect on the comfort of rest.
  • The size of the sleeping place is 1500*1950.