Argenta and Argenta Retta

Argenta and Argenta Retta are compact mechanisms that allow you to integrate a roomy box for linen into the final product. The mechanisms allow you to get a perfectly flat sleeping surface in the bed position. Argenta's changeable form is organic to humans. It gives everyone the opportunity to choose an individual position for rest. The back of the mechanism can be fixed in three positions: "bed", "sofa", "relax". Each of the headrests has five locking positions. Unlike the Argenta mechanism, the armrests in Argenta Retta have a straight outer angle.

Argenta Argenta Retta Argenta 130 Argenta Retta 130 Argenta Grid VG Argenta Retta Grid VG
A, frame length, mm 1240 1240 495 495 1240 1240
In, the installation length of the box, mm 1300 1300 555 555 1300 1300
Installation length of the frame, mm 1220 1220 475 475 1220 1220
C, the length of the banquette, mm 2040 2040 1300 1300 2040 2040
D, frame width, mm 615 615 615 615 615 615
E, the width of the slat, mm 53 53 53 53
N, number of slats, pcs 8 8 4 4
Weight of the mechanism (two frames) with armrests, kg 19 19 15 15 19 19
  • The size of the sleeping place is 2100x1400 mm, the maximum thickness of the mattress is 160 mm.
  • The size of the sofa frame is 620x2040 mm made of 30x20x1.2 mm pipe, has 8 birch slats.
  • The size of the frame for the chair is 620 x 1300 mm, has 4 birch slats.
  • The frame is equipped with 5-position ratchets (with positions: 2, 17, 32, 47, 62 degrees).
  • Package dimensions: 2050x620x100 mm. The weight of the mechanism is 19 kg. The total package contains 28 mechanisms.
  • It can be equipped with an NSM lock for light sofas.

Argenta Grid VG

Argenta and Argenta Retta Grid VG

  • Metal mesh instead of traditional slats.
  • The frames of the mechanisms are made of pipes that have two additional stiffeners, the metal mesh is attached to the frame by contact welding, thanks to this it withstands increased loads.
  • These mechanisms are ideal for the manufacture of sofas with mattresses based on independent spring blocks.
  • Thanks to the four-position ratchet (60 degrees), it becomes possible to use a more comfortable mattress with a thickness of 14 cm in the production of sofas.
  • The mattress is located on a more smooth base, thanks to this, the orthopedic effect is enhanced and the service life increases.