It is said that man's best four-legged friend – is a sofa. After a long working day we are committed to its soft, comfortable arms. It is the central part of apartments. It always ensures our comfortable existence. You can sit on it, and then easy motion of your hands can turn it into a comfortable sleeper couch. But it could be possible only if the transformation mechanism works flawlessly.

People in our country are very hospitable, guests often stay overnight. So we use sofas very often, that`s why the requirements to the mechanism of transformation are very high.

Many experts thinks, that using of metal frame,or,as it called, the mechanism of transformation, is the most reliable.
Furthermore it allows you to create an exotic and unusual pattern that cannot be made out of wood.

The «Via Ferrata» factory produces a wide range of mechanisms of transformation demanded in today's furniture market. Most of the mechanisms are produced under license from the Franco -Belgian group «SEDAC MERAL»

  1. Mechanisms for loose cover furniture. Removable covers will help to diversify your interior. By the same token, lovers of cleanliness valued it highly.
  2. Recessed mechanisms. These mechanisms are very attractive to designers. In folded state it is very compact and easy to use. You won`t damage floor and carpet during the transformation it from the «sofa» to " bed " and back.
  3. Orthopedic base. From classic to high-tech.