Sedaflex 10M

Sedaflex 10M is manufactured under license from Sedac Meral. It is intended for everyday use. Rigid structures of metal tube diam. 30 mm. One of the most demanded mechanisms of European design.

Sedaflex 10M 100 140
А, Sleeping Place Width, mm 990 1390
В, Installation Width, mm 1125 1525
Overall Dimensions, mm B*860*360
Weight, kg 23 30
Mattress Dimensions, mm 930х1870х100 1330х1870х100

The harmonious shape of the levers is the maximum strength at a given size.

A stop designed to fix the mattress on the surface of the mechanism.

  • Length of sleeping surface: 1870 mm. Also available an extended 1920 mm version.
  • Feetrest is made of elastic belts which ensure a soft sitting area of a sofa.
  • Sedaflex 10M may optionally feature a spring mattress 100 mm high with a quilted ticking.
  • Also available a PU foam mattress 90 mm high with a quilted ticking or a cotton ticking with a zipper.
  • Also available a version with a metal base box which allows a designer to abandon a heavy wooden box and increase rigidity at the same time.