Designers usually show great interest in this transformation mechanism, as it allows them to widely apply the features of this system to create a wide variety of models of sofas and sofa beds. The construction of the sofa makes it possible to use a full orthopedic mattress on the back and seat. The transformation mechanism allows you to put the sofa close to the wall. It is possible to provide a spacious drawer for bed linen.

Lock 3015

  • The size of the sleeping place is 1400x2000 mm, the maximum thickness of the mattress is 160 mm.
  • Frame size: 770x1920 mm and 520x1920 mm made of 30x30x1.5 mm pipe, the frame has 12 birch lats.
  • Slat holders, resting against the frame, increase the service life of the mattress, creating a smooth surface with the frame of the mechanism.
  • The sofa is equipped with a patent lock 3015.
  • Additional base for the Sofa will significantly increase the strength of the structure and guarantees the correct operation of the mechanism. It is ordered additionally.
  • Package dimensions: 2000x800x120 mm. The weight of the mechanism is 21.7 kg. There are 30 sets in a total package.

An additional base for Sofa mechanism

Resting against the frame slat holders are used

The lifting mechanism of the Sofa Next is an original solution of Via Ferrata designers. Access to the box for linen is possible both from the sofa position and from the bed position. At the same time, all the convenient properties of the Sofa mechanism have been preserved: such as zero wall, ease of folding / unfolding. The mechanism of access to the box for linen is equipped with gas springs from the company "Stabilus" (Germany).