ATC is a sort of universal base. A designer is offered a choice of several sizes from a narrow armchair up to 2×2 m square bed. Several types of auxiliary accessories enable still more flexible solutions. Accordions decorated with natural wood have the best looks as well as corner sofa beds.

ATC lock is a «hands free» feature that holds the seat section in the upper position in order to provide a more convenient access to the linen box. The ATC lock also allows a user to easily put the seat section down. There is no need to transform the entire Accordion in order to do this.

ATC 70 80 120 140 155 180 195
А, ширина спального места, мм 690 790 1190 1390 1540 1790 1940
В, ширина между задними опорами, мм 190 190 715 915 1065 1243 1465
С, ширина крепления царги, мм 502 602 1002 1202 1352 1602 1752
Масса, кг 19 21 25 27,5 29 34 38
  • The mechanism consists of 3 sections. The head section is supported by base legs and then three sections are chained by hinges and a unique ATC lock.
  • A reinforced seat frame allows a designer to use thick fillers.
  • The direction of slats follows the natural structure of a human body to enhance the orthopedic effect of a sleeping surface.
  • ATC mechanisms are shipped in bulk packages. A package contains 40 kits of ATC 70 or 80 cm wide or 20 kits of ATC 120, 140, 155, 180, 195.
  • For the corner sofa designs where a strictly level seat frame is needed a special Fin ATC 10 is optionally available.