Scandi NEXT

The Scandi Next mechanism is designed to transform a sofa into a bed using the "Eurobook" mechanism. It is a metal frame construction consisting of a seat frame and a backrest frame, made of a profile pipe (30×20 mm) using an electro-welded metal mesh and a foldable base frame, as well as a synchronizer for stable operation of the mechanism. Allows you to make a reliable, stylish and comfortable sofa bed, which can be easily transformed into a full-fledged sleeping place.

Scandi Next 1250 1500 1900 2000
А, Sleeping Place Width, mm 1290 1530 1910 2010
B, Base Size, mm 1270 1510 1890 1990
C, Cross Rail Mounting Width, mm 1082 1322 1702 1802
D, Cross Rail Mounting Width, mm - - 801 901
* Additional leg - - + +
Weight, kg 28 30 33 34
  • Designed specially for sofas with a support height of 120 mm.
  • The unique synchronization system allows you to transform the mechanism by holding any corner of seat.
  • The synchronizer of the mechanism is located outside the linen drawer.
  • The seat and backrest frames are made of two pipes that have two additional stiffeners and a reduced section, in the joint area one pipe enters the other. Welding is robotic. This eliminates the possibility of creaks.
  • The base of the mechanism is V—shaped, thanks to this it is more resistant to loads.
  • A reliable Tick-tock mechanism with compensating springs and a synchronizer makes the folding process easy and comfortable.
  • The use of Bayonet type hooks makes the assembling process as convenient as possible.
  • The frames of the backrest can be additionally equipped with mattress limiters.
  • For the production of corner sofa models, we recommend using an ottoman 1488*692 Grid or 1500*740 Grid BSC with an Otto lifting mechanism.