The full-metal frame of Prospero allows you to create a comfortable corner sofa with a rising ottoman, a generous storage space, a roll-out mechanism for a sleeping place with a lifting system "dolphin" and a stylish armrest. In fact, this mechanism allows you to create a system of modular sofas. The design of the mechanism provides for changing the positions of the ottoman and armrests. All elements of the modules are connected to each other by means of quick-release Bayonet hooks.

  • The size of the sleeping place is 1945х1450.
  • An ottoman with a lifting angle of 60 degrees provides convenient access to the storage space.
  • The base of the sleeping place is a furniture welded metal mesh, which provides sufficient comfort and extraordinary reliability of the mechanism.
  • The metal frame of the sofa, made of high-strength steel pipes, guarantees the immutability of the geometry of the sofa for its entire service life and, therefore, the correct and soft functioning of the rolling mechanism.
  • The maximum thickness of the matress of the seat section is 135 mm.
  • Reliable hooks of the "Bayonet" type allow you to quickly and easily connect / disconnect the elements of the sofa.