Рики S

  • Length of sleeping surface: 1900 mm. The depth when folded is 780 mm.
  • The sleeping surface is made of welded mesh in the places of the greatest load, the diameter of the mesh's rods is 4 mm. There are elastic straps in the leg part.
  • The straps also allow you to get a more comfortable sitting place in the sofa position. The load is held not only by the sofa cushion, but also by the mattress of the mechanism.
  • In the foot part a welded mesh can be installed instead of straps.
  • Traction mechanism is made of 5 mm steel strip. This solution allows you to achieve the greatest reliability and durability of the rivet connection. The head part is made as a single power element consisting of a U-shaped arc and a transverse pipe with a diameter of 28 ×18 mm and thickness of 2 mm, connected by a welded mesh.
  • The mechanism can be equipped with a 130 mm thick spring mattress or a 120 mm thick foam mattress.
  • The mechanism can be additionally equipped with an elevator system and a pillow removal mechanism.

Additional options for this mechanism:

  • Elevator system — 1
  • Pillow removal mechanism — 2
Riki S 90 120 140 160 180
А, Installation Width, mm 900 1200 1400 1600 1800
В, Sleeping Place Width, mm 750 1050 1250 1450 1650
Mattress Dimensions, mm 650х1900х130 1000х1900х130 1200х1900х130 1400х1900х130 1600х1900х130