Letto De Luxe

Letto De Luxe - is a premium bed frame specially designed for mattresses with a block of independent springs. Twice as often located slats allow each of the springs of the block to find its support.

Standard width
of the sleeping place, mm
800 900 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
Length of the sleeping place, mm 1900 or 2000

Letto de Luxe — Shock absorber bed slat holders, made of load-resistant rubber, having two degrees of freedom, so that each lamella works in two planes, creating maximum comfort for sleeping.

  • The frames are made of steel welded pipe with a square cross-section of 30x30x1.2 mms.
  • The powder coating of the frame is resistant to mechanical and atmospheric influences.
  • The Letto de Luxe model is equipped with slats made of unidirectional birch plywood, with dimensions of 38x8 mm. Quantity - 26 pieces for a single base and 52 pieces for a double.
  • Each bed frame has all the necessary mounting holes fow all the accessories we offer.
  • Each base has an individual packaging. On one pallet there are 14 Letto De Luxe bed frames.
  • The bases for lateral lifting are made of pipe 30*20*1,2 mm, have holes for mounting the Otto lifting mechanism, are equipped with slats made of unidirectional birch plywood, with a size of 63 × 8 mm. They are delivered in individual packaging.
  • Standard sizes: 800*1900, 800*2000, 900*1900, 900*2000.