San Remo

Transforming furniture has long been an indispensable attribute of a comfortable life of a modern person. The mechanism of transformation of the Sanremo table is a vivid example of such furniture. It allows you to transform a small coffee table into a dining table for eight people.

The design of the mechanism has a number of unique qualities:

  • The mechanism is the narrowest of all existing analogues, so the base has a width of no more than 400 mm, which allows you to comfortably sit at the table without touching it with your feet.
  • The mechanism is assembled using rivets with heat-resistant plastic washers, which makes it very easy and soft to transform the mechanism from position to position.
  • With the use of rivets in the mechanism, extraordinary stability of the table is in the unfolded position is achieved. The mechanism does not wobble and is able to withstand heavy loads in conditions of constant use.
  • The synchronization system of the levers of the mechanism ensures easy and smooth folding and unfolding of the table.