The Lock 3015 is an integral part of the Sofa mechanism. Allows you to create a sofa that does not need to be moved away from the wall for unfolding.

Produced under license Sedac Meral Belgium. Classic lock for the entire series of mechanisms "Banquette". It has three positions: "sofa", "bed", "relax". The perfect design combined with the most modern metalworking equipment of the Via Ferrata factory make this lock consistently in demand on the market.

Lock Н, mm А, mm В, mm L, mm
NSM 100-110 75 170 The center-to-center installation size on the frame is +70..90 mm
3015 85-90 110 260 Center-to-center mounting size on the frame +20 mm

The Akos lock is designed to gain access to the box for linen of the Litaly couch and the Orpheus 80 mechanism.

The OTTO lifting mechanism is designed specifically for use with ottomans manufactured by Via Ferrata.