Suprema Advantage Deep

L&P 3568

Specially designed mechanism considering all modern trends in furniture design. It is perfect both for use as a separate armchair and as part of a sofa. It has a deeper (15 cm) seat compared to the Suprema Retro.

  • Suitable for chairs with a leg height up to 150 mm;
  • It has a "flipper" system at the foot of the mechanism, which allows the leg section to be folded under the chair and at the same time have rest as comfortably as possible in the unfolded position;
  • Withstands weight up to 160 kg;
  • A large range of standard sizes of width of the chair;
  • The mechanism assumes a smoother surface during unfolding to achieve maximum comfort;
  • "Zero" wall";
  • The electric recliner has a wired control panel with two buttons as standard;
  • It is possible to be completed with more than 10 types of control panels: wired, plug-in, radio, chair control using a smartphone with a position memory function, plastic or metal, with USB connectors.