Sergio Armchair

The original mechanism for the manufacture of an armchair-bed. Allows you to get a chair that easily and gently transforms into a single bed. The unique development of Via Ferrata designers has no analogues in simplicity and reliability.

  • The transformation mechanism provides a perfectly flat sleeping place in "bed" position.
  • The length of the sleeping place in the unfolded state is 1970 mm.
  • The maximum thickness of the mattress is 100 mm.
  • The design of the mechanism allows to have a undivided mattress in the shoulder area of the consumer in the "bed" position, that is important for a comfortable stay.
  • The unique kinematics of the mechanism makes the transformation process extremely easy, and also allows you to avoid contact of moving elements of the chair and the floor or carpet in the process of unfolding.
  • Metal furniture electric welded grids make the mechanism reliable and durable.
  • The use of Bayonet-type hooks for attaching armrests to the metal frame of the mechanism allows you to make the elements of the chair more technologically advanced, compact during transportation and ensure the fastest assembly of the chair.