Gemma - comfort and reliability

Gemma is an orthopedic base with a variable geometry of the sleeping place.

The system of stiffness adjusting of the slats in the lumbar zone will help you to choose the individual parameters of the sleeping place.

Easy-to-use wired remote control.

To achieve maximum comfort, triple damped slat holders are used in the shoulder area of the bed.

  • The Gemma base has its own metal frame and stands on independent supports, can be installed inside the bed or used as a separate sleeping place.
  • Load-bearing elements: three-slat sections in the shoulder area for greater flexibility, two-slat sections with sliding stiffness regulators and antibacterial coating of slats in the lumbar area to achieve maximum comfort during rest.
  • Control: silent motor with a force of 4500 N, low voltage of 24 V, 220 V power supply with the possibility of using 9 V PP3 type battery to change the geometry of the bed in case of a power outage.
  • The hinges and stops for fixing the mattress are made of stainless steel.
    The kinematics of the bed guarantees protection from injury, even if foreign objects fall between the base of the bed and the lifting parts of the mechanism.
  • The folding-unfolding system guarantees the natural position of the spine.
  • Sizes: 800х2000 и 900х2000.
  • Tested in FCBA - 5000 folding/unfolding cycles with a load of 200 kg on the leg section, 120 kg on the head section.
  • The guaranteed period for the Gemma base is 5 years.